My ‘Depression’

My ‘depression’ allows me to be human. My ‘depression’ peels away my humanity. My ‘depression’ dubs my own absence an outsider. It assures us that behind this blank facade which neither one of us can see past, there exists something Humane. Thinking. Feeling. Living. My ‘depression’ distinguishes me from the chemicals and demons: They are […]

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The Movies

The movies never seem too real, But neither does reality. Fake sky- cheap backdrop, No budget for good CGI; Two dimensional characters seem three dimensional, only if you spend a little more. A pinch too much of the drama, or not nearly just enough. See, stuck right in the middle, I can’t tell which one […]

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This Poem

This poem is nothing more than a bunch of pretty words, all together strung. It might sound nice in your head, it may rhyme, and if I’m lucky, it’ll roll off your tongue. This poem feels no need to captivate you, or plead for a second glance in vain. You might suspect a deeper meaning, […]

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Most of the time, I’ve got nothing to say. Between cascades of passion lie oceans of ice; And I sigh as I wait for my lonely demise. For every second of frenzy, a decade of quiet; This life makes no attempt at a flashy disguise. And most of the time, I’ve got nothing to say. […]

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The Fall

Does your mind ever race right out of your headspace just to plummet right down into the unseen abyss? You watch it happen almost cartoonishly: It stops momentarily to look down helplessly before it falls, eternally. This almost tethers you right back to early childhood memories, of looney toons and make believe. When carelessness was […]

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Full of life but death inspires, I’m waiting for the end. Dead inside, yet filled with life, why do I pretend? ~Aditi.P (23/12/16)

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